Saturday, September 21, 2013

Practical HTML5 with Ray Camden from Adobe

Practical HTML5


New types , tricks, validation Number, range,date, color, search, Tel,email,URL

 jquery uILabel date picker replacement Netscape not supporting
Formaction tag on button

 Details tag Del and ins tag Tag

apply forms called output based on computation works with form oninput Input type range

 Client side validation Local storage Simple API either simple strings, json

 Up to 2.49 Meg's localstorage.getItem, set item, remove item clear Session storage across tabs window.localstorage

Don't use cookies

 Index db API for client side storage,

high performance searches Built in nosql database Loosely goosey

Xhr2.  Spec

Cors call other servers  - real way

From post with file now with binary data with xhr2

Download tag in a tag

Page visibility API

Document query selector

data attributes

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