Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Javascript code complete with Emmet plugin - Sublime Text 2

In the past, my favorite editor was Aptana Studio which comes built in with Git.  I just started using Sublime Text 2 as my editor of choice with Emmet.  This Submlime Text 2 makes use of this powerful  Package Control  . I simply installed it by saving  the file found here to https://sublime.wbond.net/Package%20Control.sublime-package to the directory {SublimeInstallDirectory}\Sublime Text 2\Pristine Packages\

After you have package Control , its pretty easy to add new plugins such as Emmet (formerly known as Zen Coding):
  • To get Emmet up and running, first you press ctrl+shift+p.  This will bring up the command palette. 
  • Type the following: "package install" and hit enter. 
  •  A list with all available plugins will popup. Type "emmet" and hit enter. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Research Triangle Software Symposium 2013

I am looking forward in attending the NoFluffJustStuff Research Triangle Software Symposium August 23 - 25, 2013 - Raleigh, NC at Marriot Hotel. I have been fortunate to go to this conference before with my first time attending was in 2008.  Last year was the first time I have been there where the course materials was paperless whereby the handouts were on iPads that they let you borrow over the course of the weekend.

It's always a tough choice deciding which session to attend. What I like to do here is take a look at the schedule and give a first pass of what interests me.  This post is launch of my new blog 'Bloom On The Client Side' . It was this conference several years ago we took in  the Google Web Tool kit sessions and added it to our technology stack. Now, several years later the client side has far more choices and platforms.  My interests lie in learning Sencha,  iOS, Android, Javascript, Angular, CSS, and few things on server side such as Node.js and the "Not Only" NoSQL databases. But, for the most part this blog will focus mainly on client side. Now to upcoming sessions:

Android Fundamentals
Advanced Android
Understanding No in NoSql
Javascript Design Patterns
Functional Javascript
Building Native iOS and Android apps
Designing for Mobile I
Designing for Mobile II
Backbone I
Backbone II