Saturday, September 21, 2013

Introduction to Phonegap with Raymond Camden

 Intro Phone Gap

Raymond works for Adobe after mainly being a server side developer. Client side the past few years.

open source name is Cordova - currently they are the same code

shell around a web view , enhances html "adding cowbell" .

Mozilla has spec for working with batteries. PG tries to follow the specifications.

His focus is android and iOS

write once and modify in every other platform. Not write once and use everywhere.

Can write 95% of application.

Globalization broken in 3.0 - data number formatting, fixed in 3.1

Storage - web sql for storing on client - local storage product for small sets of data.
w3c worked with spec websql (dead)  - but not for mobile , new thing is indexdb, but not used on mobile much

Can use javascript libraries with - cant talk to js on different server - new cors library for this,

no UI in phone gap -let others do this

Demo app : UnTappd  - built on web standards - good example of phonegap

Can use command line for generating code folders for iOS and Droid

Brackets is open source editor that he uses.

PhoneGap build - dont worry about sdk builds and does it for you , free tier and for pay tier

new install process makes use of Node, you dont need to know it to use it, node product manager NPN

He suggests Node but don't need to know it to use phone gap. He is not big command line person.

command line is:

phonegap help cerate
phonegap help remote build

phonegap create MyLittleKittenIsEpic


phone local run local ios
phonegap run local android

in www is an index.html, didnt use eclipse

phonegap 3 has changed things, camera tweak, app slimmer, will support nothing, need feature, tell me u want to use it, must use command line to add to baseline. i.e. add camera api

phonegap local plugin add X
where x is location of plugin i.e. url

docs mentions cordova command line, difft than phonegap one, phonegap one better

hello world convert into binary

he uses zepto a toned down implementation version ofjquery

he likes geolocation  library

navaigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(function (geo) {...

don't have to be js ninja with phonegap

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