Saturday, January 25, 2014

Galaxy Tab 3.7.0 Android page

I am looking into rooting my Samsung tablet so I can run a more recent version of Android. Here is one page that was referred to me as a good resource for doing this.

Unfortunately, with a SM-T210R tablet it does not appear like there is any implementations past 4.1.2

However, for the rooting process a good starter document for some of the steps you have to take, and the tools for the job.
  • getting the Samsung USB driver software
  • placing device in USB debugging mode
  • downloading the odin software and using it to load the md5 file
Only thing as a newbie here, I was not so much prepared for the flickering issue after the install.

This video by made me realize I needed the ClockWorkMod recovery tool for installing zip files from my SD card. I would soon after find out how i get things on sd card. 

In order to mount to the sd card, I found at the command line a tool called adb which can be run at the command line. Its located in sdk from android in the platform_tools directory
  • C:\Java\androidtools\platform-tools>adb devices
  • C:\Java\androidtools\platform-tools>adb push /sdcard/Android/

After having the zip on the sdcard, you simply install it using the CWM tool from above. The tool is present when you hold down the power,home, and volume up button and start navigating through the directories.

Yes, I now have Rocket Tab lite installed.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

curl it

I wanted to use curl and my work computer did not have it.

download the zip :

put it in a folder

add folder to your system path

use curl :


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mobile Coursera class starting soon

I am signed up for  the "Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems" training class starting this month.

Looks like the teacher is Dr. Adam Porter

Preview lectures

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