Saturday, August 24, 2013

Android introduction at RTP Software symposium

Based on Harmony

Oracle bought Java for lawsuits but didn't work out as Google was very careful. Suit scaled down to 7 claims. Google essentially won lawsuit.

Dalvic virtual machine

With iPhone you can make more money on apps where with Andriod it's "Internet of things" where apple is more hardware company, as google is more service company where they want Android on any type of device

Google dashboard shows the state of user base analytics

Development platform changed in 3.2 honeycomb

Ice cream sandwich 4.03, 4.04

Jelly bean 4.1, 4.2

Key lime pie 5.0

ADT platform based on eclipse moving to android Studio with IntelliJ

Google dashboard - 14 day period

Moving from ANT to gradle (early release of the plugin)

Xavier Ducrohet eclipse plugin spoke at google I/o by Mark Murphy

SDK, API by google built on top of SDK

Tools -> Dowload  -> Downlaod the SDK
SDK Manager

Need emulator or connected device

Droid AT screen tool

Haxm Android emulator

Activity is like a view
Intents are events
TextView is a label

relative lyout, linear layout


Android R

Postman - chrome extension - deep query

create, start, on resume, running
pause (can go to resumeor stop), destroy

log.d (TAG,STRING)

rotate - ctrl f11

back button does a destroy