Tuesday, September 10, 2013

DeftJs Talk

Two weeks ago I found a meetup for the Sencha Users Group in RTP . Little did I know, it was the the first meeting ever for the group. It was held at EMC and the topic was DeftJS and the speaker was one of the main contributors Brian Kotek  from BoozAllen.

Brian mentioned how he joined John Yarnarella on the project and brought a background in client side technologies such as Flex, typescript , and Google Closure.  Noted was that there is a dependency injection library for Sencha called swiz. But, DeftJs is what he calls an extension library whereby it sits on top of Sencha stack (with either Touch or ExtJs 4.0.7). 

The project has a MIT license.  Using the framework is as easy as getting the js and plopping it into your project. Although, the  Sencha Cmd Packages is becoming pretty popular option. 

The three main components of DeftJs are the:
IoC Container
View Controllers
Support for Promises 

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