Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lunch learning

I spoke with few people at lunch and the discussion was on mobile. The talk was that clients usually are going for either an android app or an iOS app. In cases where both is needed that Phonegap is  good choice. As, its hard finding staffing resources to write the app twice unless you have deep pockets. That is even with apps that have more than a single page. This can be done by cleaning up the DOM. The hybrid approach where you can flavor part of your app as native and have let say the controller piece using javascript. That way you don't have to go through the approval process with each code change. Something like App Cache can be used for the brains of the app on the javscript side. The gentleman I spoke with will be writing an article in Smashing magazine about this.  Also, got into a talk about Windows 8, and there was concern that the name has a bad reputation in the market place, even though many are not familiar with the issues. Seemed like re-branding of product is needed.  As some people, like there old windows experience. As well, spoke about how the html5 app such as facebook and the fast book implementation. There was mention of how the DOM was storing out so many things that you would expect it to be cleaned out. No wonder it didn't work good. A good scrolling list library is infinite.js The Moustache template was referenced also.

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