Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mobile shootout with Jason Michael Perry from FigLeaf

Mobile shootout

Consulting with NC AOC

Works with alot of frameworks. He likes iOS

Co Author of Free Teach Yourself Sencha in a day. Also wrote a book on ExtJS

Such a new industry with Objective C and mobile.

For alot of applications, building something that works on all platforms will do the job

Built a reference app - Friends with Beer

Built it with 3 platforms

layout, Theming, Data Interobibility,Media Handling

1) jQuery Mobile (DOM easy rampup), 2) Sencha, 3) appcelerator titanium (converts js to native)

jQuery Mobile - html markup

jQuery mobile falls apart doesn't do a lot, low level data calls like in jQuery

need to bring stuff in to do stuff such as library like backbone, mainly does UI piece

template engine doesnt exist have to use Moustache templates

Good things is alot of IDE support

Tooling: Aptana, Dreamweaver, Codiqa (awesome web based tool ), Theme Roller from jQuery Mobile site.

Very repetitive with markup such as footer and headers

Put js at end of page makes it faster.

Strengths: know DOM , suppports all devices, great way to get started
Weaknesses: doesn't scale well, no built in MVC, performance worst, needs 3rd party plugins ( i.e. maps is a plugin jquery ui maps plugin), styling not as easy. No compiling engine.
Best for small projects or multi page apps.

Best practice is each pieces views  and break them up but here its one file.

dom attribute TEL to make a phone call.

Sencha Touch

- whats makes it awesome  is tools like Sencha Architect 3(WYSIWG, shows code generated) to build pages

do everything in javascript , no dom

declarative structure

works with model structure and stores (collection of models)
json p call

3party support sucky

Sencha cmd3 - takes app and minfies it

SASS - syntactically awesome stylesheets

Can create overrides in architect to custom components

sencha eclipse plugin

senchas command - stub a project generate code - ant compile tool

Sencha Architect pricing - insane functionality

Better than jquery mobile performance

Well suited for large projects Fig leaf tutorials

 Built own thing but moving phone gap

 Packaged web view that is not native

Open source release code everyone with license

App accelerator 

Eclipse based App accelerator

Bought Aptana for IDE titanium studio

Native Closed source Mvc

 Support android

 Cloud based tools Alloy XML structure Data handling uses backbone

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