Thursday, October 24, 2013

More on iOS7

I am a happy camper. The biggest complaint I had with the new version of iOS was taking away the ability to search web with the spotlight search. I tried iOS7 and its back. No more removing the url out of the safari address bar.

Yesterday I took in some of the new features of iOS7 at the lunch time learning I attended. The terminology used was that Apple did a "Design Language" overhaul with the new release.  Gone are rich and colorful, replaced flat and simplified.  I need to read up on visual deference. The coalesced updates was a new thing for apple. As in past when you got a text update, it would not trigger things the way the new iOS does.

What developers should do to get ready for the next version of iOS 7 can be found  here (Apple's Transition Guide, UI Design basics , UIKit ).

As for design, the status bar becomes part of the screen real estate.

As for development, Apple’s Xcode 5 allows developers to manage multiple versions of an app, and compare the differences using Apple’s Auto Layout. Also, the button container is gone. Using the assistant editor, you can see how your changes look in iOS6.

Other items:

  • Enterprise single sign on
  • MDM
  • air drop
  • per app vpn
  • background updates

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