Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cujo.js Notes

I recently went to a session on Cujo.js . The main people behind the project are Brian Cavalier and John Hahn. This is a project that takes many javascript specialized libraries (i.e. modules) and puts them under one umbrella.

wire.js - dependency injection
meld.js - for AOP
poly.js - collection of tiny modules that shim (aka "polyfill") old browsers to support modern javascript.
cola.js - data binding
when.js - promises
rest.js - rest template
curl.js - AMD /CSS module loader, like require, smaller footprint, but faster
cram.js - module concatenator
msgs.js - message oriented programming

ON side note, a few other js libraries to know about:
lawnchair - a lightweight, adaptive, simple and elegant persistence solution
handlebars - build templates
mustache - allows you to read in JSON formatted data and display it using templates you design with JavaScript

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