Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Git Hub comes to train at NCSU

I am signed up for the November GitHub training at NCSU . 
will lead you carefully through the basic skills you need to be productive with Git and to collaborate with other developers on GitHub. Learn how to convert an existing project to a Git Repository, track changes to your project, protect your work from experimental changes through branching, push code to repositories on GitHub, and collaborate with colleagues through Pull Requests
This sounds great. I have been through the basics of creating at GitHub account.  Here is an extensive list of Git resources I have found on the web.

GitHug , Git Workflow , Git Tutorials on You Tube,  Git like a Boss , Skills Matter Git Hub , Merge or Rebase , Pro Git, Git From The Bottom Up , Git Immersion , Git internals  , Git Magic ,
Git Reference, Version Control by Example, Git Succinctly , Think Like (a) Git,Git In The Trenches , Conversational Git , Code School - Try Git

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