Saturday, October 11, 2014

Just took a Bower

Tool for easily manage the 3rd party client side libraries within your code.

The old school process is to browse, download, extract zip, find files, copy, links to files in html.

Bower eliminates most of this Its for client side files, but can do any type of files. Bower calls the files modules Packages

Bower calls into Github to get files

 npm install -g bower

 bowser install <proj>

 Dist directory js and minified one

 Add it to your project in script tag

 Get rid of something
   bower uninstall <proj>

 Updating projects (i.e. multiple)

bower update

Might need to be careful

One at a time

bower install <proj>

What packages?

bower list

bower search <proj>

bower.json file
- name,  version, main, dependencies

bower init
- prompted to create json file

- directory:relative path to folder

bower install
bower install <project> --save
bower uninstall <project> --save

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