Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Launch the editor

On right side in the initial display (or click on second button down on the right that looks like a book), you can add external libraries into your javascript. Either search for a library or click the button of an an already displayed library.

Note that the top icon on right is to preview on the right the generated output.

You can click the save button on top left to save your script to a generated web URL.

Double click a file name on left to rename it, click x icon to delete a file , or click the add file hyperlink to add a file.

There is preview button on right for a large  display of the displayed output.

Check mark button on the right is for lint integration.

Th gear icon is personal seetings like font and auto-refresh which runs the script again at interval selected . Or turn auto-refresh off.

Dev tools invocation will show you any JavaScript errors in console tab.

Right click on console and click options to clear console

To debug go in the sources tab.

ctrl-o to open your js file by entering file name in the input box.

debugging resume f8

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