Thursday, May 22, 2014

Triangular Meetup May 2014

I went to the Tri-angular meetup and learned about the mean stack (Mongo-Express-Angular-Node). This was held at Ignite Social Media hosted by Darrough West and Keith Morgan.

There is and . It was suggested its easy to obtain it and get it built just using the node package manager (npm install).  The io one is better choice  as it has an SLA, but they are both pretty similar. However, it is rapidly changing and it does not have a released version.

Passportjs is baked in.

They host their projects on Heroku with MongoHQ.

Koa was mentioned as the "next" express.

Angular and node each have their own routing, but Angular routing invokes the Node routing.

Angular boiler plate was mentioned.

Suggestions with angular:
Try not overload scope, Template cache helpful

Html5 polyfill, respond.js for dealing with ie8

Do not put JQuery in controllers

Promises built in

Factories for http calls

Providers are fancy plugins

No need for undersore, but people like the map/reduce functions

lo-dash a underscre alternative

meteor use on sockets

mention of mongoose

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